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Lift360 Consulting Services


Lift360 recognizes that every organization faces a wide array of leadership and operational challenges. Our services are designed to help provide solutions to the concerns facing organizations and collaborations in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Our skilled professionals will help you ask the right questions and identify collaborative solutions to organizational development challenges.

Board Development: We develop programs to create strong, engaged boards including board assessment, customized board trainings on topics such as board development, fundraising and effective meeting techniques, and design and facilitation of board retreats.

Business and Strategic Planning: We facilitate strategic planning, retreats and develop business plans to support nonprofit mission, vision and goals based on sound research, data-driven solutions, and best practices.

Collaboration Support:  Clarity on joint work and decision-making processes is fundamental to an effective collaboration. We will work with you to identify stakeholders to a current challenge, and then design and facilitate the convening or intervention process needed to achieve successful results.  We provide project management, process design, facilitation and delivery throughout all stages of large scale, intra-sector and cross-sector collaborative efforts, including convening community conversations that lead to productive outcomes.

Community Development Assistance, Engagement and Training:  Through targeting trainings, workshops, seminars and comprehensive assistance, we can help you with community initiatives, planning, place-making and place-based assistance from walkability audits to topic specific workshops, as needed by your city, town, or organization.  The underlying premise of our work is deep engagement and collaborative work across all sectors.

Development Planning:
From social media and communications advice through best practices in fundraising, we support development plans for nonprofit sustainability based on solid business plans.

Leadership Development: At the individual, staff, team or organization level we assess, facilitate, train and provide coaching for leadership and team development to support healthy organizations and communities.

Leadership and Team Coaching: Coaching provides an opportunity for true action learning. Working with a coach as your learning partner, you and / or your leadership take time to stand back, reflect and step in to new, more effective ways of leading and working together. Coaches provide the opportunity for meaningful leadership development conversations, support, feedback and new models for leadership, all while challenging you and your team to be the leaders needed for your organization’s success.

Nonprofit Viability and Mergers: Achieve greater mission impact by pursuing mergers that offer compelling scale and opportunity. Lift360 knows first-hand by means of its own merger as the former ICL, with The Board Network in 2006, and then in 2014 between ICL and Common Good Ventures to become Lift360. We have experts to lead you and your organization through a successful process!

Operations Review:
We provide comprehensive hands on program and financial analysis, back office efficiencies and program implementation.

Organizational Assessment: We work with the organization’s leadership to assess the effectiveness of staff, governance, programs and operations in order to develop solutions to organizational challenges.

Service Enterprise Certification: Service Enterprise is the ability of a not-for-profit organization to look at internal staff capacity in a new way and leverage skilled volunteers to expand that capacity to achieve mission. Lift360 as a Service Enterprise organization, can train your organization to engage skilled volunteers through a formal process and increase human resource capacity with limited additional expense.

Transition and Change Management: From succession planning and support, providing guidance for organizational change to managing nonprofit mergers, we can help through the operational and the human aspects of critical transitions.

To learn more about about services and how we can partner with you in accessing the fullest potential of your work, please call us at (207) 541-9380.

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