Lift360 Places Leadership Intensive, Emerging Leaders and Springboard Programs with two leading Statewide Nonprofit Organizations The goal is to position the programs for continued growth


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posted on January 3rd, 2018

Lift360 Places Leadership Intensive, Emerging Leaders and Springboard Programs with two leading Statewide Nonprofit Organizations

The goal is to position the programs for continued growth

The Board of Directors of Lift360 has announced that the organization will place its Leadership Intensive program with Maine Development Foundation and the Emerging Leaders and Springboard programs with the Maine Association of Nonprofits.

“Lift360 is a small organization with big aspirations. As we entered our 25th year, we undertook some significant strategic planning. We came to the conclusion that the best way to grow these signature programs and expand their impact would be to place them with larger organizations with more capacity to serve people and communities across the state,” said Marcia Sharp, Lift360 Board President. “We couldn’t have two stronger or better positioned partners than MANP and MDF to carry our work forward.”

The Leadership Intensive program has been the experience of choice for Greater Portland’s leaders from its major companies, law firms, nonprofits, the public sector and citizen’s groups, with some 700 alumni concentrated largely in southern Maine. A parallel program for Emerging Leaders reaches younger or newly energized southern Mainers who seek a bigger role in their community. Since its launch in 2009, Emerging Leaders has placed more than 200 of its graduates on nonprofit boards and committees. The Springboard program, which provides vital pro-bono assistance to the state’s charitable organizations, has worked with more than 140 organizations since its inception. Lift360 will graduate the 8th Class of Emerging Leaders this month. The 25th Class of Leadership Intensive graduates in March.

The Maine Development Foundation (MDF) will assume the Leadership Intensive, starting with the 2018-2019 program, and will offer it in addition to the Leadership Maine program. MDF will continue to operate the programs separately as each offers unique leadership development opportunities, are structured to achieve different goals, and have unique potential to grow and thrive in the marketplace. Bringing both programs under one roof will enable MDF to increase opportunities for participants to learn from leaders across Maine through the Leadership Maine program and, through the Leadership Intensive, take a deep dive into expanding one’s leadership capacity, skills and abilities to be collaborative, facilitative leaders. MDF will begin recruiting for the 2018 classes immediately for both programs, scheduled to begin in September.

“We are thrilled that Lift360 chose MDF to carry on the legacy of the Leadership Intensive program,” said Yellow Breen, President and CEO of MDF. “The program aligns perfectly with MDF’s values and mission. Having responsibility for two of Maine’s premier leadership programs will create opportunities to make both even better and have a more meaningful impact on the vibrancy of our communities and the health of our economy. We look forward to working with Lift360 to continue operating the program in the level of integrity and rich skill development for which it is known.”

The Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) assumes Emerging Leaders and Springboard programs. Building the leadership resources and capacity of the state’s nonprofits is at the core of MANP’s work. Taking on Emerging Leaders enhances MANP’s focus on building the nonprofit leadership pipeline and at the same time connects the EL graduates to a network of resources, skilled mentors and colleagues in the nonprofit world. Adding Springboard expands MANP’s capacity to offer the professional expertise to the state’s charitable organizations. Springboard sessions will run throughout 2018; MANP will begin recruiting immediately for the fall 2018 Emerging Leaders class.

“We are honored to be the new stewards of these impactful programs,” said Jennifer Hutchins, MANP Executive Director. “Maine’s nonprofits are critical to the future prosperity of our state and we are excited to integrate Emerging Leaders and Springboard into our support for the leadership and effectiveness of the sector.”

“Our decision to transfer the ownership of these programs secures a bigger future for them. At the same time it ensures that the alumni networks, for both Leadership Intensive and Emerging Leaders, remain vibrant and intact,” Sharp said. “We have more than 900 alumni from these two programs, positioned in business, government, healthcare and industry throughout Maine. We are extraordinarily proud of all that they have done and contributed. Moving forward, they can be assured that their networks of connected and like-minded leaders also have a robust future.”


About Lift360

Lift360’s Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) was formed 25 years ago by leaders of the Portland business and civic community to develop new leaders with the skills to address complex community issues. The organization now known as Lift360 operates three major programs, the Leadership intensive, Emerging Leaders, and Springboard. For more information

About MDF

The Maine Development Foundation provides leadership, trusted research, and creative partnerships to enable Maine business, community and policy leaders to drive sustainable, long-term economic growth for Maine. MDF stimulates new ideas and provides common ground for solving problems and advancing issues. For more information, visit

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Since 1994, MANP has grown to become Maine’s comprehensive resource for the tools, knowledge, and connections nonprofits need to be effective and well-run. With a growing statewide membership of over 900 nonprofit and 150 for-profit organizations, MANP advances the public profile of Maine nonprofits by highlighting their vital contribution to the quality of life in our state, connects people, organizations and resources from all sectors to foster collaborative problem solving, and strengthens nonprofits by providing management training and leadership development programs, resources and services to help staff and board leaders enhance their community mission impact. For more information, visit

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