Q: Does this mean that Lift360 is no longer an organization? A: In essence, yes. The Board of Lift360 felt that the best way to


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posted on January 3rd, 2018

Q: Does this mean that Lift360 is no longer an organization?

A: In essence, yes. The Board of Lift360 felt that the best way to honor our mission and position our signature programs for continued growth was to place them with larger, statewide organizations. Given that we would be an organization without programs we made the decision to phase out operations in the second quarter of 2018, after completion of this year’s Leadership Intensive.

Q: Did the Lift leadership team and/or Board consider talking to alumni before making this decision?

A: Yes, over the course of the past year we’ve talked with many of our former board members, alumni and donors to determine if there were other options available that would preserve these valuable programs. The option of placing them with MDF and MANP was the best option.

Q: What happens to the alumni network?

A: We fully expect that both MDF and MANP will continue to maintain active communication with the over 800 alumni of Leadership Intensive and Emerging Leaders. We know that our alumni value the connections.

Q: Who will lead the programs in the fall?

A: MDF has been in touch with Laura Moorehead to explore her willingness to lead the Leadership Intensive class, starting in the fall of 2018. MANP will be working closely with the program’s current director, Carol Walker Aten, to plan for effective delivery of the 2018 programs.

Q: Who will be in charge of recruiting for future classes of LI and EL?

A: MDF and MANP will take the lead, starting in January, for recruitment for the fall 2018 classes of LI and EL. Several Lift 360 Board Members and alums have indicated a willingness to assist in recruitment during the transition period.

Q: What about Lift’s corporate supporters?

A: We are working with MDF and MANP to provide introductions and context to our corporate supporters, to help ensure their continued support going forward.

Q: Will this mean a loss of jobs?

A: Lift 360 has downsized its operations over the last year to focus on program implementation. We currently have three part time employees. They will be gradually phased out over the next six months, as we complete this year’s programs and wind down operations.

Q: Will money/assets change hands?

A: We anticipate a small surplus this year. When the programs are completed in March of 2018, we expect to divide any remaining surplus funds between MDF and MANP to assist them in successfully transitioning into the role of program sponsor.

Q: Wasn’t Jan Kearce the Executive Director of Lift360? And now she will be back involved in the Leadership Intensive again?

A: Yes, Jan left Lift 360 in April of this year to become the VP of Program Impact for the Maine Development Foundation. She will be in an ideal position to facilitate MDF’s transition to sponsor the Leadership Intensive and to assist with Leadership in Action Breakfast series going forward.

Q: Will Leadership Intensive and MDF’s Leadership Maine program be merged into one program?

A: No! MDF will continue to operate the programs separately as each offers unique leadership development opportunities, is structured to achieve different goals, and has unique potential to grow and thrive in the marketplace. Bringing both programs under one roof will enable MDF to increase opportunities for participants to learn from leaders across Maine through the Leadership Maine program and, through the Leadership Intensive, take a deep dive into expanding one’s leadership capacity, skills and abilities to be collaborative, facilitative leaders. MDF will begin recruiting for the 2018 classes immediately for both programs, scheduled to begin in September.

Q: Will these programs be offered statewide?

A: Springboard will be delivered where it is most effective for the presenting organization. Over time, MANP plans to add more professionals to its volunteer roster so that Springboard can be offered effectively in more regions. EL will continue to focus on Greater Portland for now. MANP will explore opportunities to fund the expansion of the program to other regions in the future.

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