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Meet Our Consulting Team

Lift360’s Consulting Services has a demonstrated ability to move Maine’s for-profit, nonprofit and public organizations forward through an inclusive and thoughtful organizational development process. Our highly-skilled and always neutral facilitators and consultants have been working to solve the complex communication and leadership challenges for nearly two decades. For all general consulting inquiries, call  (207) 541-9380 

Carol Walker Aten, Lift360 Senior Advisor
A nonprofit executive, community and board leader, Carol Walker Aten has over twenty years of practical and strategic experience. The former Senior Consultant for Common Good Ventures, in her role as Senior Consultant for Lift360, Carol leads capacity building work with clients utilizing organizational development, strategic planning, facilitation and leadership coaching skills. To read more about  Carol, click here.

Carol can be reached at (207) 699-4545 and

Jane Lafleur, Lift360 Senior Advisor
Jane Lafleur partners with clients to create sustainable change through collaborative processes, working with diverse stakeholder groups in organizations, communities, and across sectors. To read more about Jane, click here.

Jane can be reached at (207) 699-4503 

Laura Moorehead, Moorehead Consulting Partners LLC, works with clients to create change through seasoned guidance, skilled assessment and collaborative process with teams and stakeholder groups in organizations and communities. She has accomplished this in large and small entities, as an independent and an in-house consultant, in the U.S. and internationally. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organization Development from American University.

Allyson Ryder, Lift360 Consultant and Operations Analyst
Allyson Ryder blends solid business experience with her passion for nonprofit management. She delivers business and operations services to nonprofits to improve performance, capacity and impact to address social and economic challenges. Partnering with organizations, she provides skilled business perspectives, data analysis, financial planning and operational assessments. To read more about Allyson, click here.

Suzanne Austin, Nonprofit Governance and Training Consultant
Suzanne Austin has over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector as a nonprofit board member, as executive director of a nonprofit organization, and as a consultant to a wide range of nonprofits throughout Maine. In addition to this firsthand experience, Suzanne brings to her consulting clients a specific expertise in nonprofit governance. To read more about Suzanne, click here.

Paul Mentag, Consultant
Paul Mentag developed his leadership capacity at Northeastern University as the Director of Training & Development at the University’s corporate training center. He also served as General Manager and Program Director. He has been contract associate with Garnet Consulting, Inc. in Reading Massachusetts for 17 years working with multi-national organizations and prominent university executive education programs. His style is direct, warm and grounded in the understanding that competing priorities are a constant in all sectors of organizational structure. Paul has 24 years of successful experience working with groups/teams and general management processes. To read more about Paul, click here.

Susan Gallant, Ed.D., PCC

Dr. Gallant is an executive and leadership coach, trainer, consultant and facilitator.  She has over 25 years of experience helping people, teams, and organizations to grow and thrive. She has worked at all levels of the organization from CEO’s to line managers to individual contributors. Her clients range from large for-profit multinational corporations to owners of small businesses; as well as government, health care and not-for-profit.  She has worked in many countries and cultures. To read more about Susan, click here.

Joe Foran, MA, MP, PCC

Joe has fifteen year’s experience in individual and team coaching specializing in leadership, collaboration, personal development, and personal and organizational transitions. Previously, a he has been a career manager/executive/entrepreneur with technical organizations in the private sector, government, and non-profits. A great coach is a great questioner, a catalyst, and a curious co-explorer, pure and simple.  In Joe’s words, “my job isn’t to tell you ‘the answer’.  After all, how can you truly own something someone else tells you to do?  For coaching to work, YOU need to come up with the answers.  It’s my job to help you do so – through incisive and probing questions that challenge you and push you to look deeply into your issues, your needs, your values, and your life.” To read more about Joe, click here.

Janice Cohen

Janice C Cohen has been a coach, organizational leader and developer of leaders for the past 30 years.  She has held leadership position in non-profit, public and private organizations. In 1993 she created the Institute for Civic Leadership (Lift 360) an organization that has an outstanding reputation for developing collaborative leaders to successfully deal with the complex issues facing today’s organizations and communities. She has designed and facilitated many large, complex public decision–making processes utilizing the theories and practices or collaborative leadership. Janice facilitates the strategic thinking of leaders and their organizations as they work to adapt to constantly changing environments. Janice understands the challenges of leadership.  As a leadership coach she helps her clients bring their authentic self and potential into their role as leader. She listens openly, questions deeply and supports her clients’ creation of their own path to success. As a certified coach, mediator and facilitator she brings extensive experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to this work. To read more about Janice, please click here.