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Board Connect

Board Connect

Lift360’s Board Connect is designed for individuals who want to join nonprofit boards or committees or those who are already on a board and want additional training. This comprehensive board training experience teaches about the nonprofit sector, what makes it unique, how it functions, and the nonprofit sector’s importance to communities; preparation for nonprofit board work through practical board skills training including fiduciary oversight, finances, fundraising, roles and responsibilities; and interactive panels with local nonprofit leaders. One participant remarked on their most valuable learning: Focus on finding the right board that aligns with your passion. A really invaluable concept that seems intuitive but was never front of mind for me when thinking about volunteering my time to a Board.”


Board_ConnectWhat does Board Connect provide participants?

  • Understanding of the nonprofit sector, what makes it unique and how it functions;
  • Preparation for nonprofit board work through comprehensive leadership and board training;
  • A strong network of colleagues to call on and work with in the future;
  • Access to a group of participating nonprofits that contribute to the program and provide opportunities for engagement.

How does Board Connect benefit communities?

Board Connect expands the pool of committed adults who are well-trained in nonprofit and board practices.  It serves both the individual’s need to contribute and the nonprofit’s need for effective, energized leadership. These highly skilled and talented citizens desire to make a positive difference in communities across our state.

How is the program delivered?

This program is delivered in two full-day sessions, or four part-day sessions. Activities include participatory classroom work with nonprofit presenters, immersion learning, and case studies. 

Who should sign-up for Board Connect?

  • Professionals and community volunteers interested in beginning or deepening their community involvement through nonprofit board and committee involvement;
  • Leaders wanting to expand skills and approaches to civic engagement and leadership;
  • Individuals who want to expand their personal and professional networks.

Program Facilitators

Carol Walker Aten, Senior Consultant/Program Director; Suzanne Austin, Senior Consultant.